PB Eligible Cup Games

  • It would be helpful if FI could provide more info on which games are eligible for PB and at what stage in the tournament etc. And also what the dividends are. Is there any info on this, other than this week's schedule?

    My question is mostly about the Carabao Cup, FA Cup etc. Also, the Champions League and Europa League. When do matches start to qualify for PB and what are the dividends?

    If anyone can answer this, perhaps we could make it sticky as I'm sure there is a lot of people who have the same question.

  • Have you not looked at the tutorials on the home page all this information is there - I would recommend all new traders read these before putting there money in:

    Only league games + Champions League and Europa League after qualifying rounds count

  • @Fletch oh OK. Actually, I think the tutorials were created after I joined, or were updated.

    I'm sure last seasons FA Cup final was eligible?

  • @metropolis nope FA cup never been pb

  • More details? It’s on their academy and it’s explained just fine. If you haven’t read that yet then I’d highly suggest it

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