Hidden Gems - Fringe Players

  • I was wondering peoples thoughts on a few potential hidden gems out there. Several players are knocking on the door of first teams and if they break through could see significant rises.

    One example is Sorloth (0.60) for Crystal Palace. He has just scored tonight and with Bentekes recent bad form could be a contender to rise.

    Thoughts and any other hidden gems out there?

  • @JRMtrader how many futures did you buy in Sorloth? Just wondering.

  • @JRMtrader I’m hoping that Benteke will unhide himself on the pitch and shine bright! Got 150 of him and given Palace have favourable fixtures I have visions of seeing him bang in a couple of hattricks. Leaping high for headers and just avoiding the flying pigs!!! I could sell now for minor profit but blindly hanging on hahaha.

    Likewise Andre Gray, decent price, and he’s still hidinh himself in full view!!

  • @NewUser162554 I only have 50, purely due to a low price and less room for heavy losses.

  • @bangor116 yeah I agree, Palace do have some nice fixtures lined up. Andre gray is another good shout, especially with Vardy out of the England picture and a potential place up for grabs between him and Wilson

  • Not going to plug names but there’s a certain player currently at Villa that I’m sure will be at £4/£5 next year

  • @Runningman even if he was likely to be £20 next season I wouldn't touch grealish on the principle that he's a total wanker.

  • @Runningman on the other hand, I think Anwar El Ghazi will do well for Villa. Hopefully starting after this Saturday.

  • Got £30 left in my FI account, was looking at buying a player (or two) around £1 that I can get rid off in a few weeks, any recommendations?

  • @FIbeginner94
    Perhaps not hidden but Alfie Mawson @ 112 was Fulham's big summer defender buy, he's got PL experience with Swansea, was called up by England, can score a goal & is just returning from a knee injury, started in league cup this week & if he can get into
    the league team & scores early there's still plenty of upside as other similar defenders have already risen in the last few weeks.

  • @FIbeginner94 mario Pasalic, steadily rising, performing well for Atalanta, good pb scores this season. Win tonight and they have EL, will increase!

  • Gil Dias at Forest looked awesome last night, albeit against a second string of Newcastle's depleted squad. Still, to play that well against a Prem team and on loan from Monaco - who's recent track record on youngsters is rather good - he seems a gem.

    Also, 65p seems daylight robbery!

  • I brought into Gil Dias after seeing a goal in pre season v Malaga when he ran past the whole team... Carvalho is expected to be 'the next' Ruben Neves so maybe keep an eye out for future IPO's... Don't think he's even on the FI list yet but as Forest fan i know about Kieran Dowell who did very well for us last season.... He played for Everton last night and supposed to look very good... I think certainly a Marco Silva type of player creative, gutsy with an eye for goal he could be one to watch if he gets his chance... I would certainly jump on him at the IPO stage as he's young, English and a FIFA U20 World Cup winner!!!!

  • I'm going to repeat myself here, not to u guys but on FI in last few days, get greedy on Domingos Quina or Seko Fofana ... Another prospect is Declan Rice, they were all under a quid but Quina has rised about 20p in last 48 hours

  • @Mwerdna Declan Rice! Serious future for him, but this time 18 months ago we all thought the same about Reece Oxford. West Ham are a funny bunch.

  • Some guy on here said theres no hidden gems left on here. You wont get any help on here too many delboys with filofaxes

  • @Porkisgood the great thing about football is it’s constantly unpredictable, new talent continues to emerge. This provides a great opportunity to those who put some extra research in to get onto players before others do. It may not be as easy as before but there are certainly still hidden gems out there

  • @Stevo he dealt with the fact that his transfer to spurs didnt happen well though didnt he? Realised it wasn't going to happen so got his head down and got on with his jb the best he could. Think he made mistakes early in his career and has adjusted his behaviour. He's been the model professional since he was found p1ssed up and passed out in Malia hasn't he? Let's not forget he won MOM in an FA Cup semi final at Wembley when the likes of Stevie G were playing. If you only invest in people who aren't wankers you're really reducing your market. Fair play to you though, an ethical investor who puts morals before profit, that should be applauded!

  • @JRMtrader Umut Bozok 84p, Munas Dabbur 75p. Fill your boots.

  • @Bernie-Madoff haha can't really comment on his off the field antics but he loves diving from when I've seen him live and he's got the shittest haircut ever.

    Used to think the same about Ronaldo but he's justified being a wanker by consistently being world class over a number of years.

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