Matteo Guendouzi

  • Is 2.41 a bad price to get in at?

  • @NewUser165692 I would avoid him, but it's up to you.

  • This forum is pointless. No help on here just a bunch of rude del boys

  • His a bit rich for me I’d rather buy tosun at £1.50

  • @Porkisgood I'm guessing you meant me? How am I a Del Boy? I look nothing like the character from out of Only Fools and Horses! Haha.

    All I said was I would avoid him. For me he is over priced and there are others who are still cheaper with a proven season under their belt already.
    When I said it was up to him that meant I don't want to influence his decision and tell him what to do.

  • I've had more than my fair share of disagreements on here with @HappyLarry59855 but agree with you on this. Wouldn't pay anything like that for guendouzi.

  • You might as well buy Kante at 1.97,similar role except Kante is the best, if he gets a GWG could win PB, I think last game he got 125 as his base which is not bad so GWG puts him at 200 ish.

    Guendouzi is a kid, he will have long breaks from the team and sub appearances, his price will almost certainly just drift lower and lower, just my opinion, buy him then.

  • Guendouzi is a way more popular. Kante is old news, Guendouzi is the new kid on the block! He is 1 special moment away from rocketing in price. Kante is more likely to win dividends but Guendouzi is more likely to rocket in price in the blink of a eye. One 30 yard screamer or match Winning last ditch tackle and people will pile in

  • I asked as if I haven't already thrown money at him, was just trying to justify my decision.

    By the sounds of it he's a bit of a 50/50 so I guess I'll have to see how he goes. Don't want to take the small loss now just because he's a bit risky. Hopefully he'll cement his spot in the team over the next year. It's not like Arsenal have anyone else in midfield with a defensive bone in their body haha.

  • @NewUser165692 get some Domingos Quina at 1.06

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