Giovani Lo Celso

  • Don't hold any futures in him, but genuinely curious about his situation. Class player and had a great last season, but being pushed out of PSG by Tuchel. Bit confused why his price has dropped £1 with a potential move - will he rebound?

  • I only hold 50 of him but think he will rise in the future on a move away or getting back in the team

  • He may drop more as he doesn't appear to be a priority starter. I like him, he'll go somewhere and flourish if he doesn't get game time.
    He'll go up again eventually, it's just when...

  • Just added to my original 50 as think there is a good profit to be had over the next 18 months

  • @NewUser139033 My players are going down or staying the same at the moment as-well, but that's because they are young and having inconsistent starts or part of teams that are medium. Saint-Maximin is playing for Nice and they are doing badly. Rafael Leao is playing for Lille but not getting games yet.

    I think if Lo Celso was that high at one point he will climb back up there again at another.

  • @NewUser139033 I think he dropped because the initial rumours said he may go to Porto. Based on performances so far he would be stupid to go there. He should have played for argies in the world cup.

    I'd buy some but curious to see how he's do in a more competitive league.

  • @HappyLarry59855
    Hi mate,
    I've exactly the same situation like your (smaller portfolio but similar strategy !!). I'm wondering is that normal on the beginning of the season that prices of young unsettled players going down or staying the same level for long time (Saint-Maximin, Rafael Leao sure that you've more ;] ) ex: Retsos, Cornet, Foyth, Faitout M., Moraes, Srarfi...etc. They will rise slowly when get chances or they have to perform high to rise??
    Just dont know what to do cos my portfolio from 20% up went to 15% in just 3 weeks(when the leagues started) :[
    I'm new here and dont know how was last year?/

  • There wasn't a last year. PB only kicked off properly last October.

  • @Mundek A lot of the young players and such were still getting IPO'd so didn't exist. This is the 1st season where we get to see how things go. I expect them to rise when people get bored of buying up the big name players already like Pogba, Hazard and so on.
    I would stick with it and ride it out until we see where we go. That's what I shall do.

  • @NewUser139033 said in Giovani Lo Celso:

    Don't hold any futures in him, but genuinely curious about his situation. Class player and had a great last season, but being pushed out of PSG by Tuchel. Bit confused why his price has dropped £1 with a potential move - will he rebound?

    A lot of his value was linked to playing for PSG who dominated games and helped him get good PB scores - any move away from PSG (unless its to a big Prem team) will be detrimental to his value hence the drop in price. £3.50 is a high price for a non-media PB midfielder so theoretically he needs to be in a good position club wise to get back to that (although the index doesn't always work logically so you never know).

  • Reports today of a loan to Betis, Betis in the Europa league so I'll be hoping for a favourable draw for them. Think I'll hold for the time being.

  • With Sergio Canales @ £1.51 as the highest placed Betis player, I don’t think there’s much to justify Lo Celso’s current price if this move goes ahead.

    Betis will never get as much possession as PSG, he’ll get fewer win bonus points and fewer opportunities to score.

  • @playingcards1 according to whoscored betis have better possession stats than psg so far this season, early days of course.I bought more Lo Celso as I'm just happy he didn't go to Porto

  • @playingcards1 True, but it's just a loan. Will wait to see his PB scores for a couple weeks (assuming the move goes ahead) If it happens he'll be playing triple PB games Thursday and Sunday. Can see him filling the Fabian Ruiz hole.

    I wonder if the EPL transfer window was still open whether someone would have gone for him.

  • @AT10 He should hopefully get a lot more game time at Betis too,pros and cons but I'm happy with him for now.

  • As already mentioned, Betis play a bit of a possession game and o think it could be a great move. £2.50+ I’m unsure though. Need to see how he performs and how often if I’m to get on

  • All quiet on the Lo Celso topic. Interested to see any thoughts on him. I have a small hold but tempted to either top up or sell as trying to narrow down my portfolio a little.
    Not been able to watch much of Betis due to clashes with other games and work but sky sports has had him as playing as a striker recently? Pb scores have dropped.? Will he stay at Betis? Will PSG take him back? Will he be a Summer mb potential? Mainly... IS HE ANY GOOD? Curious to get views of people of those who have been able to watch him a little more than I have

  • @Thatguy I believe he won PB earlier this season. Relatively quiet so far now though.

    I'd say he's a great player and I'm keeping. He seems to fit the PB system when he does play well. Not sure what will happen with him transfer wise, but I can o ly see him increasing over the next 3 years.

    If the share split is x4, he's 88p. Bargain. Depending on the dividends of course.

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