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    Recent changes properly moved the goalposts for unsuspecting traders. Portfolio lost well over 10 percent overnight and new emphasis means poorly positioned going forward. Totally unfair/pretty disgraceful.

  • They've not made any changes- they've announced intention.
    What's you suggestion for how to do it better?

  • Damn them doubling dividends. Damn them to hell.

  • Who's in your portfolio?

  • Personally I reckon major changes should be made off season from now on - I appreciate the site is evolving and everything but think this might help

  • It's fair enough to be unhappy with the changes. If you adopted a strategy which has been redundant or seen your portfolio value crash how are you expected to be positive??

  • The trouble is, even in the off season the trading is so changeable from the transfer window. They should make it more obvious a change is coming though, could put an announcement that displays when you login that on X date an update is coming and give a months notice.

  • @Arsenal88

    ...whilst making them much harder to win

    The net impact of these two things is likely to be driven by your strategy/portfolio

  • @Arsenal88 They have given notice, changes don't come into effect till November I think.

    It's worth bearing in mind guys that even when you invest into stocks for a company, that they have good and bad news announcements all the time that affect peoples perception of value.

  • Yeah, more meant they give a months notice to the announcement on Monday.

    To be fair, I am fine with it. Switched my portfolio around and cut my losses to reinvest in other more profitable players and already got some benefits.

    Only negative I have had is finally cutting my losses on Rodriguez after he dropped massively on his move to Bayern. Next day he bloody wins the midfield performance buzz and rises in value. These things happen though. C'est la vie

  • I'm hoping that following penny stocks in November they just leave things for a good while & let everyone settle into a proper trading pattern/strategy

  • @pwp23 Agreed. I think they need to focus on improving the current trading experience rather than adding to it. Price Alerts are a big must for me, and more detailed charts. Tbh this could be an entire new thread!

  • From a media buzz perspective, players are worth double last season and penny stocks shouldn't interfere too much from that. Prices may go down but players' yield will be unchanged.

    From a PB perspective , this was always on the cards so shouldn't come as too much of a change. Be interesting to see what happens to prices. The prices of all defenders should collapse in November.

    I think media will be the way to go. I expect there to be another hit on media prices in November and that will probably be the time to buy.

  • @mike778 why do you think the price of defenders will drop in November?

  • @NewUser85872 said in Recent changes:

    @mike778 why do you think the price of defenders will drop in November?

    Competition for PBs will be extreme. Most teams have say 5 defenders including keeper - so with 100 teams that is 500 players to compete with instead of the 50 now.

    Its not like strikers where the likes of Naymar or Messi can be relied on to blow teams away and get monster scores occasionally. The defender PBs are likely to be far more spread out. Take Bonucci - he is valued at £1.30 or so because he is one of only 2 defenders from Italy. Once penny stocks are fully in, he will be one of 80 in Italy and one of 5 or so in Milan. His chance of winning a PB will go from considerable (now) to negligible.

  • interesting thought. I agree they will be diluted but I wouldn't say negligible as the top defenders are top for good reason. Be interesting to see how far defender pb is diluted down though

  • @Blue-Python like it - will be reading the posts over there shortly!

  • @mike778 why 500 defenders? Is penny stocks bringing in every single player from the top 5 leagues? Wouldnt this hit mids too as that means there would be probably way over 1000 mids? Just curious as currently i just dont know what where and who i should be investing in

  • @NewUser77147 apparently, i'm not sure if it's every squad player, or how it really works. I'd be wary about making an investing strategy before penny stocks come in, as they are likely to massively shake things up again

  • @NewUser77147 here's a link to info about all the changes inc penny stocks

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