Question for Southampton Fans on Gabbiadini

  • What do think will happen with Gabbiadini this year - will he be sold or kept as a squad player?

  • I hold him as he was reportedly good in pre season but I can't see him deposing Ings/Austin on form should they stay fit (& that is a big IF) & Hughes seems to favour Long for them as a sub, however there's a lot of games in the season & he got a start in the league cup but failed to pull up any trees. He is cheap @66p whether he stays or goes on loan or eventually is sold so I see very little downside & potentially 30/40p upside but as to when who knows?

  • I don't hold but I do rate this guy... heard he had a good pre-season and hoped Hughes would give him time and faith but I don't see it now the season has started... A move back to Italy would be the one and if he does go to a middle range club I have no doubt that he'll regularly get 10-15 goals a season in Serie A which would see a boost in his FI price!!! not sure on his contract situation though? Probably on a good whack in the EPL so he could afford to rot and wait as they might not be able to match his wages in Italy?? That wouldn't be a good thing for his FI price??

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