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  • Hi guys, new trader so go easy.
    Was just curious as to how big are people's portfolios? Do you have portfolios on mass or relatively small?
    Would you recommend using all your initial balance to sign players initially & then signing other players with the profit you make in the future & add via that strategy?

    Like I say new users & just feeling my way in gently.
    Any suggestions much appreciated.

  • Everybody's strategy is different and all should be based upon each individuals affordability. Some will put a large lump sum in from the outset whilst others drip feed funds each month and some will be totally random.

    I started in early May this year having watched and learned for a couple of months previous - I would say it is imperative you get a really good understanding of how everything works before spending a penny so you can avoid obvious mistakes like buying goalkeepers, using instant sell instead of going to market and buying players on actual performance not Football Index performance.

    Once you understand how it works you then have to have your personal strategy which again is different for everyone - some buy for Media buzz, some for Performance buzz, some buy young players for growth, some go for short term growth on transfer rumours and there are plenty of other strategies on top, most investors use a mixture.

    Personally I had a maximum amount I wanted to gamble with and dropped 10k in over the first 2 months and have seen this rise to just under 12k so am very happy. 80% of the money was used to purchase top end media and Performance players and the other 20% I use to trade in and out of players for short term profits.

    Anyway find the strategy that suits you and enjoy.

  • @Fletch Thank you for your insight. Interesting to say the least. Will take your advice on board and initially dabble in small numbers until up to speed with the functions & tools etc.


  • @NewUser173339

    That's exactly what I've done... I've put an initial £150 in and just playing around with that for a couple of months (just to get used to the platform).

    Note... this could easily be done with less than £150!

  • I have a portfolio of £11000 and my stragedy is media buzz I love following the media daily , plus also I have more confidence in the media buzz as really pb is more pot luck ,

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