Moussa Dembele

  • Just listened to Rodgers press conference and dembeles representatives have been at the club today... think he might be going, Lyon supposedly looking at him and with Diaz meant to be going back to Real Madrid as a back up striker surely this is all but done ? Thoughts ?

  • @Chris95 he's going to cost £7-8 at start of 2020 season, next season will cost £4-5 ... boom boom boom

  • @Mwerdna
    Totally agree mate! Well next season is really be surprised by the end of it if he’s not floating around the depay price... that’s if he moves, but tbh I think it’s going to happen!

  • @Chris95 I'm fairly new to FI but been following the Dembele future for a while, gut feeling he'll be a Man United player in 2 years, and hopefully not with Jose Boreinho

  • That would be the dream for holders of him mate haha! Here hoping 👌🏻

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