Celtic striker Moussa Dembele worth upto £20m??

  • Celtic striker Moussa Dembele, 22 missed training on Wednesday 29th as manager Brendan Rodgers confirmed there is "big interest" in the player from one club. Dembele was at Celtic Park with his representatives to discuss his future while the squad trained at Lennoxtown.

    French clubs Marseille and Lyon as well as Dortmund (depending on which media report you believe!) are going to lodge bids upto £20m before transfer deadline, currently trading @217 could be a good move if it transpires?

  • Just posted something fairly similar mate, think it will go through tbh, I’m a Celtic fan and we always new he wasn’t going to stay long, thought me are the fees meant to be round about 15million with add ons and with that Lyon lad Diaz meant to be going to Madrid again as a back up to benzema I think he’d go straight into the team , tbh I think a year maybe slightly more he’ll be floating about the depay price ...

  • Just noticed - I'm really slow at typing!!! I certainly hope he hits the Depay level as he is one of my long term holds

  • @NewUser159387
    Mate Celtic have 2 strikers that are going to go places on dembele and odsonne eduard... this will probs happen for eduard in a couple of seasons as well, as long as Celtic get another replacement can’t see why it wouldn’t happen

  • @Chris95

    I hold both for the long term, Edouard @130 is a steal - Which do you rate as the better player?

  • It I’ll sound mad but I actually think Edouard will go further in his career.... obviously there was a reason PSG picked him up just after youth level , and with the money they spend he was never going to get a chance, but he still caught their eye... think both will have fantastic careers but I think Edouard will be the more complete players 4 years from now

  • @NewUser159387 don't mean to piss on your bonfire but I don't see Dembele getting to £5 bracket any time soon unless he's a goal machine.

    Depay is the price he is is because he's had some massive performance buzz scores. He's more of an attacking midfielder, winger type forward which means he touches the ball a lot more than an out and out striker. You may know more than me about dembeles position if you are a Celtic fan but I am of the understanding he is a centre forward so won't touch the ball many times in a game other than to put it into the net.

    Look at Mauro icardi as an example. He scores shit loads for inter but has only seen a steady rise recently because he's being linked to real Madrid. He doesn't get massive PB scores just because of his goals. There's more to the buzz scores than that. Icardi is still a quid off being a fiver and hes one of the besy strikers in yhe world goal wise. Not trying to be argumentative, just giving you an insight Into how the scoring works.

  • @Stevo

    All valid points & I'm not sure how high he will eventually go, only time (& consistently good performances) will tell but he only cost me 167 so I'm already sat on a decent return (@226 currently) & if he makes £2.75/3.00 over the next couple of seasons I will class that as a successful trade. I actually think Edouard @130 might prove a better buy but still early days.

  • @NewUser159387 yeah absolutely mate. Good luck anyway. I do think Dembele will be a good striker for any club and if he moves to a big champions league team or a top 4 PL team he may rise a lot regardless of his PB scores.

  • Dembele is certainly a goal machine for Celtic. Whether he can replicate that at Lyon (if he goes there) remains to be seen, but the French League isn’t a great standard (other than PSG), so I wouldn’t bet against him scoring regularly.

    Age is on his side too. All in all a decent investment at circa £2.20, providing he moves to a PB eligible league.

    There are many more expensive players on the Index (including a goalkeeper and some defensive midfielders) who’ll have less chance of delivering PBs and MBs over the next three years.

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