Let's buy buy buy on Dembele .. no quick profits

  • C'mon people we have an opportunity here to get Dembele cheap and keep hold of him, he's going to be a huge star, Lyon will not be able to keep hold of him if he sets the stage on fire, the guy will cost £7-8 in 2 seasons... so buy and keep and watch the profits grow, don't just buy and sell for £20 profits .. have faith 🔝📈💪🏻

  • @Mwerdna Do you mean the striker from Celtic?

  • @HappyLarry59855 yes mate, he's flying, but hopefully it will continue if people don't just sell for small profits

  • Hmm... I'm not sure. I think he could be a good striker for Lyon but I won't buy in to him. Good luck though.

  • Let’s be honest who was buying M Diaz for Lyon? I did even notice him before madrid thing.

    Depay and Traoré are the main men there I think.

    I think if dembele was that good he would have been sold for 1 or 2 years ago for big money, 20 million is peanuts these days why haven’t the big boys come on for him....he has had plenty of time to impress in European matches for Celtic.

  • @Mwerdna if you believe that Dembele is going to be a big star then there should be nothing to worry about. Have confidence in your conviction. Let people buy and sell whenever they want. If he turns out to be a star they will have missed out because everyone will buy him anyway when he starts doing well and you'll have the last laugh.

    Too many people on here are scared of being in the red. It doesn't mean anything until you decide to sell. Being miles in the green is only relevant when you sell your futures. Unless you were planning on flipping as well, in which case I guess you missed out mate.

  • @NewUser60527 Manchester United were interested in him b4 he went to celtic, it's could not jumping the gun like many of other players, work your way to the top my friend

  • @Stevo I'm definitely not worried, bought 400 futures straight away and he's up 0.22 for me and 0.32 in 24hours... unfortunately i missed the jump start through working last night

  • @Stevo 0.23 sorry 😁

  • he's pish

  • Never really rated him at Fulham, although he was young. Still doesn't seem to be able to stay onside.

    Price will continue to rise though!

  • I jumped on late last night at £1.96 - saw the links to Lyon throughout the day and that he was at £0.00 for the 24 hours (spiked in the day then dropped). Decided to take a punt.

    Been at work all day and got back at 11.30pm to find him up 15%! He's reached my initial exit point but from Slack I see he made a late run for MB... decided to hold and reassess come morning.

    Whether he is good or not has no bearing on any of the decisions I made above... I based the decisions solely on what I thought the market would do.

  • @Pierrey2129 I'm expecting the media to go crazy on him tomorrow, hoping he signs before lunch, how many futures did u buy if i may ask 😁 i bought 400, just gutted i missed the 1.96 u got 🙄

  • @Mwerdna said in Let's buy buy buy on Dembele .. no quick profits:

    @Pierrey2129 I'm expecting the media to go crazy on him tomorrow, hoping he signs before lunch, how many futures did u buy if i may ask 😁 i bought 400, just gutted i missed the 1.96 u got 🙄

    Only the 40 for me! Got a little pot for trading / flips so 375 would have been full pot never mind 400! Tbh i didn't go into it expecting much but now im quite hopeful of an early rise, particularly if he gets media attention. I expect that ill have sold up at some point tomorrow though media buzz is going to be tough to call and not sure where his price will settle post transfer. Not my strategy to hold on anyway, i should have sold up already really but FOMO

  • @Pierrey2129 just read Celtic want a replacement b4 they sell, so it's very touch and go, I'm sure Dembele won't want to stay at Celtic after missing out in CL qualifier

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