Is it too late for me?

  • So a few months ago I pitched an investment for £2500 to whack into FI. I was skeptical, but chose the platform opposed to other crypto's as I knew the (football) market well. Long story short, I never invested (this was back in May), and checked over my spreadsheets today to find the paper run had a capital growth of 35% excluding dividends. I didn't invest earlier as I had job issues and moved away, but now I'm kicking myself. I know that FI is constantly growing, but have I sort of missed the boat with the inflated prices post WC? Pogba was £5 in April and now he's approaching £10. I'm not sure whether to reconsider investing now. I'm looking for a few month investments so short term flips + some big boys. £500 enough?

  • You may have missed the 1st 2 waves of growth since inception however there will be many more waves of growth to come. This sky deal this season alone is supposedly multi million £ so will likely bring a lot of new money into the market. They'll be more promotions that boost the market short term massively no doubt, more marketing, a potential share split and one day in the future dividend increases so right now especially as the market has flattened out a little after amazing growth whilst people figure things out for the new season so now is a very good time to hop on
    People were saying the same thing as you 1 year ago, 6 months ago and 3 months ago and people will be saying the same thing as you in a years time I can guarantee it.

  • @Mr-Matt thinking about £150 just to ease myself in - good idea?

  • @NewUser124448 Any amount is a good idea mate. My portfolio is rising daily. Don't be scared if you have the odd dip as well. Every player is one good performance away from a rise into the green.

  • @NewUser124448 its never to late to join the Index!!!

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