Positions to keep away from?

  • Evening guys, new starter but gradually getting to grips with the concept.

    In your honest opinion are there certain player positions you would keep away when trading? Or do you buy & trade in all positions?
    Is there a rule of thumb where certain positions generally make you more money than others?


  • @NewUser173339 goalkeepers. Will very rarely if ever win PB as they are categorised with defenders

  • @NewUser173339 Avoid Goalkeepers (outside of top 200) as a rule

  • I'd avoid goalkeepers this year all round. So many top clubs were needing keepers at the start of summer, Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, etc

    Now all these teams have filled their goalkeeper spots there will be very little movement of goalkeepers so they won't benefit from big transfer stories.

    Considering the previous points made about PB too, there's really not a worse time, in my opinion to be holding Goalkeepers

  • Cheers guys. Thank you for the advice. Appreciated.

  • I also stay away from defensive midfielders.

    It’s really tough for them to win PB or MB. Even if they play well, win lots of tackles, play lots of passes and score a goal, there’s highly likely to be an attacking midfielder somewhere who’ll score twice and end up with more PB points - particularly on triple dividend days when lots of top teams are playing.

  • @ocs123 Except Jorginho.. the amount of passes he makes and possession recovery, he can clean up on any quiet PB day!

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