Mariano Diaz

  • Just signed by Real Madrid, currently at £2.17. Don’t know much about him. Will he make an impact? Is he that good? Missed the early boom but think he’s worth a punt. Thoughts?

  • @Stuart-H - His goal-scoring record at Lyon last season was pretty impressive - scored about 20 i think... and given those players at Real who will get him the chances, he looks like a good buy under £3.

  • Just checked - 20 goals - and goals per minutes @ 140mins.

    I'm not an expert, but I would say that 1 goal every 1.5 games is a decent return.

  • @Stuart-H I remember a previous discussion on here when he was valued at less than £1. The general consensus was that he was a good player and scores lots of goals but doesn't score very highly on PB as he doesn't play deep and get involved in the game as much as other forwards. This may have changed though and may well change at Real Madrid.

    Worth checking his PB scores before you invest heavily. Personally I'm glad I held on to him for the increase, but not expecting a great deal PB wise, but let's see..

  • @metropolis - yes mate, you are right, i remember reading that a while ago too...

    It will be interesting to see how he evolves to suit La Liga (again) and step up to the Real pace of life!

  • £30m is cheap these days but I think he’s worth the risk. I can’t see buying in at his current price making a loss long term. £2 player now at worse

  • @metropolis yeah I would say this is fairly accurate description for him. He is hard working and mobile, will press and has more urgency about him than Benzema. Having said that, I think of him as more of a goal poacher more than anything else. If you had watched him against Reims a couple of weeks back, you wouldn’t pay £1million let alone £33 million, but it was likely just one bad game. I’m not sure I seen him being a good investment on here, I suspect this is a deal that Lyon are reasonably happy with too.

  • Diaz given the number 7 shirt...a sign that he might be starting ahead of benzema?

  • Doubt he’ll start in front of benzema but even if he does he’s up against bale and asensio-will have to score a hatrick to win pb

  • @Gazza01 you are right about Bale, but he won’t be against Asensio as he is a midfielder! If he can repeat anywhere near his form at Lyon with the better service he should get. I don’t see why he can’t score a lot of goals his season

  • You’re right dunno why I thought he was down as a striker, he’ll have to score plenty to win pb (similar to benzema), I wish you good luck 👍

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