Calling Chelsea/Bristol City & Swansea fans

  • Just how good (potentially) is Tammy Abrahams?

    I'm considering him as a long term investment, but I can't decide if he's the real deal or another overrated Chelsea youth team product.

    He seems relatively cheap compared to alot of the other big clubs youth players.

    Thanks in advance

  • @GarethG Tough one, He scored over 40 goals in a single season at Youth Level whilst winning the FA Youth Cup and Youth Champions League whilst at Chelsea, but It was still quite a surprise to see him do so well at Bristol City in his debut season in senior football considering its a tough league and he didn't go to one of the favorites for promotion.
    Started really well at Swansea, however tactics, injuries and limited game time prevented him making a real impact.

    I really don't expect him to play much at Chelsea this season, he didn't look great in pre season however may be given game time in the Europa League, which is the competition that really kick started Harry Kane's career..

    I guess it depends how long term you are looking?
    I am new to football index, but from what I see, I only see player values steadily increasing if you look at the previous 12 months.

    I would probably hold off until January, that said he may still go out on loan to a championship club in the current window.

    If you are looking Chelsea youth products, I personally believe Mason Mount would be your best bet for now.

  • I would also say from what I've seen so far, it only takes rumours of an England call up and players values increase rapidly and Tammy did make the England squad for friendlies against Brazil and Germany last season, so he's probably in Southgates thoughts with Vardy calling it a day - Again, this depends on game time.

  • I hold him long term, he made very light work of the championship at a very young age and i think his talent was wasted a bit at Swansea with their tactics, 1 injury to a Chelsea striker should see him in the frame for PL games let alone europe, should be an exciting year ahead though i do wish he went on loan to someone like Palace.

  • Held him for a while & he has drifted down to 114 from 130 due to lack of news/opportunity i am really not having Morata or Giroud as the long term answer but fear Sarri may just buy a big name replacement in January rather than unleash Tammy but until then an injury or loss of form/faith might give him an opportunity. Considering topping up but I just worry it is too much of a gamble & there are probably better risk buys out there.

  • Thanks for the responses guys. I've bought a small holding in the hope he gets some game time soon & shines

  • I watched him live in the England v Germany game and in my opinion he was woeful. He looked really nervous which is understandable in front of a Wembley crowd at a young age, but that isn't what you want to see from a potential top performer. Lots of miss placed passes and he generally looked over awed by the occassion.

    One game is probably not enough to guage a player fairly but he didnt impress me and didnt strike me as a future superstar.. Doesnt mean he wont make you money on FI though.

  • How good is he potentially....? Well i would say he's good enough to score 15-20 in the EPL each season and he's good enough to play for England on a regular basis potentially... But potential doesn't get you game time and without any of that at Chelsea unless he finds another loan move he won't be pulling up stumps anytime soon.

    Which is probably the main reason why he's still relatively cheap compared to a lot of other big clubs youth players...

    As a long term hold as mentioned, if you believe in FI then any player you pick doesn't actually have to be any good... Just pick one and in time they should make you money...(If the last year is anything to go by)... As a short term target I wouldn't touch him because I worry if he'll play enough games but on the basis that he has ability, is young enough to progress his career and would possibly enjoy a move within the next 2-3 transfer windows I don't see why he's not worth looking at? You never know Sarri might even fancy him soon???

    I'll possibly look at in Nov as by then he'll either be playing for Chelsea and rising in value or not playing and dropping in value with the January transfer window likely... The one thing that does put me off is that if he goes to the Championship on loan for example it might see a further drop in value?

    All in all... I don't get excited by him but that's not to say he won't be profitable.

  • He will probably go up just becuase everybody else will buy him, he is a name, people know him, he will creep up over time especially with new users.

    It doesnt really matter how good he is yet.

    If I had more cash just to forget about he is one I would get in and sit on for a year or so (obviousley just checking in on injury ect ect).

    England are actually short on strikers too.

  • @DCoops9cfc on an unconnected FI note....what do you think of Trev Chalobah??

  • @GarethG

    Looks like he's off on loan to Aston Villa (or Nottingham Forest or even Bordeaux) depending on which media report you believe but should mean game time where ever he ends up which should be a good thing price wise.

  • @Bernie-Madoff Potential to be a better player then his older brother Nathanial - From what I've seen looks the part, but has been prone to injuries.
    Getting game time at Ipswich and by all accounts, is doing fairly well.

  • Hes better than morata 😂

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