Beginner requiring serious help

  • Beginner here with a few questions:

    1. Can you set alerts so the app auto sells players once they reach a certain price, just like normal trading apps?

    2. I bought yaya admist all the agent twitter stuff and was in green for a while but now he’s shot down, did I just wait too long and won’t he go back up once he signs for a team? What’s generally the max % rise I can expect in 24 hours

    3. Fastest place to access transfer news etc

    4. Any tips? Got my 7 day money back guarantee so would appreciate 🤣

    1. Nope- it's a much wanted feature though

    2. People will be taking their profit. Too much risk of retirement at his age, they're being cautious. There's no % - different depending on the player, team, situation and, above all else, market mentality.

    3. Twitter

    4. FAQs in my signature will help with some of what you want.

  • Ysya's agent tricked everyone into thinking he was signing for a PL club but is off to Olympiacos in Greece (a non PB league, though will play in EL if they get through). Can't see him rising I'm afraid.

    I'm also new and made mistakes in first few weeks. It's a steep learning curve so best advice is to read, watch and learn, and don't invest too much too early until you're fully up to speed.

  • Have a ‘gamble’ on some EL games tonight if your still in your money back period.
    The winners tonight will rise (I think) as they will get EL PB games and then be playing Thursday and Sunday/Monday so will have better PB chances over the next weeks.

  • @Ringers i would say this isn't good advice unless they are teams already in a pb league

  • @NewUser173213 i'd say you need to set realistic expectations. What is your target % return in a month / year. The fact you are asking max % in a day i get the feeling you see this more like gambling than investing. There is money to be made via a number of strategies but its important to study them

  • @Noirx4 surely it depends - a 40p player in non PB league may rise a bit with prospect of 6+ EL games?

  • @Noirx4 said in Beginner requiring serious help:

    @Ringers i would say this isn't good advice unless they are teams already in a pb league

    Yep, agree. I knew what I was thinking, but didn’t type it right! I was thinking mostly about Atalanta. 0-0 into second leg away. Should win though, can see their players rising, Italian EL play Monday nights mostly. I hold quite big on Pasalic and with his current form can see a rise if they qualify!

  • @Ringers
    If they were 3-0 up after the first leg, the rise would have already happened and they should get out of the group if they go through!

    Probably lose tonight now 😱

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