Bruno Xadas rumors anyone?

  • Bruno Xadas - very talented young player on the fringe at Braga - had been sat in the mid 70's then suddenly dropped to 59p before shooting back into the 70's & now topping the movers charts @ 105 (+35%) in the last few days. Can anyone shed any light on the reasons behind the sudden volatility? I think he's possibly a bit obscure for any transfer talk to hit the mainstream media but I would be interested to know

  • Flippers - Hamdl is another that has money pumped in and then taken out, Taking a small profit from ticket followers who want to get in next best thing without researching and get burnt when quick large sell happens ..

  • Meant Hamza Mendel...

  • @NewUser159387 I hear he’s the next Neves... Monaco have bid 15m for him I believe. That’s reason for price rise

  • @NewUser104447

    Many thanks - That makes perfect sense as Moutinho left for Wolves so Monaco have a midfield berth spare & a young, raw, talented prospect fits the profile for the sort of player they store up for a potential big move in the future - Glad I topped up when he hit 59p.

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