Performance Buzz Points

  • Wondering if anyone can help with query? I contacted customer service but they just sent me a link to the scoring table which I was originally querying. LOL!! Useless.

    So here's my query:

    A GK can get 20 points for a blocked shot and 10 pts for a save. When is a block shot not a save?

    Also, Giveaway pass is -3pts but total passes (including unsuccessful) is 1pt. So the net of this is -2pt for giveaway pass (seeing as a pass was attempted)?

    For total shots you get 3pts and shot on target is 5pts - so if a shot was on target a player would get 8 points? (shot + on target). If it was off target then it would be just 3pts.

    Anyone know? Anyone actually breaking down the PB points for winners/runners up?


  • Sounds about right. Though we'd need the actual opta data to verify with 100% certainty.

  • PB question- if a team wins 2-0, will the player who scored Goal 1 get 'winning goal'?
    Same with Goal 2 scorer in a 4-1 win etc

  • @CleanShirtTrader Yep - exactly that.

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