Buying Man Utd players

  • Right now, Mourinho has made lots of Utd players rubbish at PB. Yet, it's looking increasingly likely Mourinho won't last the season. Does it not make sense to buy Utd players now, in anticipation of a more attacking style of play under a new manager? I feel like Chelsea players are feeling this benefit under Sarri. Utd couldn't possibly go for a more negative manager than Mou, could they?

    (I say this slightly begrudgingly as a Liverpool fan, by the way!)

  • I'm in the same boat as you.. I want to invest in Rashford, but Jose's style is limiting his wide players.

    He also chops and changes his side a lot, I've kept Pogba in for the Media Buzz, but don't see great value in the others at the moment.

    Interested to see others opinions on this

  • Looked at their defenders a couple of weeks ago (before defenders had their popularity rise) as they looked cheap but decided none were good enough prospects & their current price kind of reinforces my decision so far.

    Looked at Alexis but think is still massively over valued against similar type players; the only one I bought was Pogba @783 & he's proved a MB hero (80p divis & 193 price rise so far) but for probably all the wrong sporting reasons, so until there is a bit more team spirit throughout the club I think any of them are a risk not worth taking IMO.

    If Mourinho goes & they change manager, style & results then I'll take another look but that's too many if's for me just now.

  • The only United player I currently hold is Lingard, which was on the basis that Mourinho likes a hard-working attacking midfielder and when he plays he's a decent chance creator, scores a few goals and gets in good positions.... only he then didn't play for the first couple of games which was annoying.

    I agree if/when Mourinho goes they'll play more attacking football and hopefully Lingard will be one of the beneficiaries

  • @NewUser149634 The rate they're going they'll have to bring in Big Sam to avoid relegation and then there's only PBs for Chris Smalling when they clean sheet and he bangs in a gane winning header!

  • Rashford/Martial have then potential for sure to £££££players.

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