Why is perisic so cheap?

  • At 2.40 i cant understand why hes down there. Is it MB related?

  • Why did the chicken cross the road?

    He's certainly in that bracket of 'stick or twist' players (like Suarez, Cavani, Gundogan, Diego Costa etc) probably down to the fact he's settled where he is and he's at a stage aged 29 where he's not the next most exciting prospect... Not to say he's not a regular PB scorer though and a potential (last big) move to Manchester United would certainly boost his MB potential...

    I've had and held, made and got rid so maybe others have done the same? As the FI model progresses they'll always be a few that are less attractive at certain times and last year with speculation for a move and a World Cup coming up Perisic for me was far more attractive then as he is now... Investing now though would be on the basis that I feel he could score well in PB's going forward with the 'hope' that Man Utd may come in for him again?

  • I think he's a bargain at his current price. The two cons are his age and he doesn't get much media attention. He crashed after the Man United attention went away but his PB record is very good. With Inter being in CL this season it wont be long before he starts to shine and his price will go up.

  • @RichardMS Just be careful where you've got your PB info from, Perisic has won 1 triple PB since the IPO expansion and once during the WC.

    Historical data will show he's won multiple times but the majority of his wins were when it was just the top 200 who could win PB and the top 200 was made up of very few Serie A midfielders meaning there were multiple days when he was the only one who could win!!!! Same applies with Bonucci, Icardi, Donnarumma and Januzaj.

    He's definitely got the ability and goal scoring threat to score the odd big PB but don't be surprised if for several games in a row he scores very lowly.

  • He’ll never get mb unless he gets a move and he’s up against brozovic and now naingollan for pb

  • @AT10 Ahhh thanks I wasn't aware, I just did a quick search on FI edge

  • @RichardMS No worries mate, assumed that's where you got it.

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