When to sell?

  • As a relative newcomer. Just want to hear ppls views on players like Sane, who has only featured as a sub for Man City so far. As a result his price has dropped. Do I hold onto him bearing in mind he is a quality young player, and the season is long, or get rid of him now?

  • @NewUser170158

    A hold for me, as the season unfolds there will be plenty of minutes for him - EPL, CL, FA Cip etc.. it is a marathon not a sprint and when he gets a run of games then BOOM..

  • Wise words. I think you may be right.

  • Hold - patience required IMO to make money especially on young players!

  • HODL

    You have three years... use them!!! a young player with 'that' much potential playing for a club with even more potential should go up and up and up.... No time soon do i see any negatives on Sane so he's a keeper for me... If anything when his price goes down BUY!!!!

  • @dannypea precisely my views on Jesus. He's not scoring high PBs consistently yet but at his age and with his potential I believe it's only a matter of time...

  • even Aguero doesn't score well PB's... I don't think investing in PB potential holds up enough alone as you may as well go down the bookies and pile on the first goalscorer but PB aside, capital growth cannot fail with young superstars and as a bonus along the way you might even pick up the odd dividend too!

  • I agree that the capital appreciation on youth is the way forward. But surly these only appreciate because others are buying them to get PB in the long run anyway?

  • @NewUser172600 my thoughts exactly. One of the determining factors in their price going up is PB and MB. And if players like Sane who lose style doesn’t rack up many PB points- is there any point holding them? Talented and young or not.

  • @NewUser170158 to add to this, last year Sane had a blinding season and didn’t get one PB win. Whilst Messi got 12. Perhaps Sane’s just not a good FI player...

  • Why does everyone say you have 3 years on a player also new

  • You buy a future for a 3 year period. If you do not sell within this 3 years then you lose the stake.

    It's the reason why it is treated as gambling, rather than buying assets, and the bonus to it is that you don't pay tax on any profit that you make.

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