Why isn't Sane starting?

  • To me it makes no sense.. I've used his dip in price bring in a few futures and I'm not complaining, I see a naughty run of form after Christmas seeing him rocket and dividends to match, but he was so good last year.. I don't rate Mahrez that highly but as the 60 mill signing he hasn't even been starting.
    It could make sense if Pep wants to play both Jesus and Aguero but does he genuinely prefer Sterling?! Despite the massive bandwagon against Sterling I like him, but over Sane? Really?

  • dividends ? Sane ?
    I don't understand this doesn't make sense

  • This is why I don't invest heavily in city players. Their squad is so good no player is guaranteed a starting place

  • Yep, rotation will be common at Man City, hence why they’re attacking players are modestly priced. Plus there is no stand out superstar, just lots of good players.

  • If I had to pick a City player (which I have) I think under the manager Mahrez has the potential to be the next Salah.

    His current price is stupidly low in my opinion, no way the manager invests like that without a plan, he’s stuck with Stones and is moulding him into a serious player, same may apply to Mahrez.

  • Salah really wouldn't go that far like.

  • Its probably worth taking a punt on De Bruyne now as he is likely to be back quicker than previously anticipated.
    So he is likely to feature in the news more over the next few weeks , coupled with the fact that when fit he is one of the few assured of a regular spot in the team.
    When you compare his current price £5.40 ish to that of Hazard (approaching £9 )who you could argue are on the same level
    there is possibly some value here.

  • @NewUser159184 Hazard is a Forward on FI, De Bruyne a Midfielder.

  • Hazard is overpriced

    Also him and de brune are very inconspicuous characters which is rubbish for MB.

    Neither have been that good for PB although I can see Hazards potential for PB but at over £8!

  • @NewUser60527

    The next couple of transfer windows will see PSG/Barca/Real Madrid speculation go into overdrive so MB is a strong possibility & if he really wants the move some spectacular on field performances will help & consequently PB wins are on the cards - even if all they achieve is a new bumper contract (think Ozil/Sanchez last year) either way I see Hazard performing well on the field in the short/medium term. Only Morata/Giroud for club forward competition!

    Now whether that justifies his 850 current price is questionable - I am currently holding, on a 150 gain, but not buying or selling

    KDB @550 offers decent upside potential but I'd rather wait until he's fully recovered, fit & firing then reassess his price as he is clearly going nowhere else so will only be PB based.

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