Wed - Fri, IPO Review/Preview

  • Morning all,

    For those of you who research your own players you probably came across the same issues as me when it comes to Ligue 2 teams and their players. WHAT A CHORE!

    The 2 Division in Germany seems a smidgen easier because at least some websites preview their promoted teams for the season ahead.

    So given the above, I couldn't really see the point in writing anything in depth surrounding Reims or Nimes despite their promising start to the season, although I did come across a few things.

    Reims sold their most promising young goal machine, in Theoson-Jordan Siebatcheu, to Rennes (so let's have him IPO'd please FI @FI_Alex ). It's a great move for Rennes based on their top scorer only bagging 5 goals last season so they're desperate for a striker.

    They do possess a Goal Scoring defender in Yunis Abdelhamid who hasn't risen much so there's potentially a post-IPO bargain available there although his goals need to match up with wins, GWG and Clean Sheets of course.

    Nimes had the top scoring striker last year in promising French-Turk youngster Umut Bozok, he didn't burst out at IPO but did see a postponed rise later in the day. The market appeared to opt for the higher priced Thioub and Ripart who scored goals in the first 3 games, which in my opinion could be a little short sighted although time will tell.

    If I was to pick any of their players other than Bozok I'd actually opt for Teji Savanier, scores goals and appears to be their go to man on set-pieces.

    Now onto Fortuna Dusseldorf today. Ironically they have Germany's 2nd Divsion Equivalent to Umut Bozok in Marvin Ducksch, he topped the charts (for St Pauli) last season and I think they're both 22. So coming on at 60p "should" see him settle around the 84p mark (famous last words). FD's defender's like to get on the ball from the number of passes they strung together vs Augsburg even though they lost.

    They've actually lost their star man from last year, Florian Neuhaus (a goalscoring CDM so let's have him also IPO'd please FI @FI_Alex ) to Munch Gladbach which leaves their star man role to 22 yr old Belgian starlet, Benito Raman. He might sound like a pack of noodles but he's a goalscoring wide man however FI have noticed this and priced him at £1. If I could find some transfer hype around this kid then he could fly but didn't notice anything.

    So in a nutshell with regards today you should be safe going for old Ducky boy and if you're into pricey youngsters like most traders then you might be tempted with some Raman Noodles.

    Finally, keep an eye open for Florian Neuhaus and Theoson Siebatchu when they eventually IPO!!

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