Transaction history....."at least 2 weeks to provide it"

  • This needs to be sorted's a shambles...i just requested mine and got this response....

    "We can provide a spreadsheet outlining your transaction history. Unfortunately, I can't give you a time frame as to when you will receive this by. It depends on the finance teams workload and competing interests. It may take at least two weeks."

    "at least 2 weeks" ha ha ha ha, so possibly 4 months, possibly a year...who knows? I'm struggling to think of any other investment vehicle (albeit a bet) where you could invest £15k and be given such a sloooooooow service?

    FI going forward will (1) get more users and (2) users' transaction history will the burden on the finance teams is only going to increase. Maybe they should cut some of the bus advertising and provide some basic data quicker? Surely it can't be that hard to interrogate the system and extract data????

    This kind of thing makes FI look Mickey Mouse.

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