Hwang Hee-Chan

  • Can someone tell me why he’s dropped so much in past 3/4 weeks? And why he’s now rising? Is it to do with the military service that Son is also facing?

  • @NewUser104447 My guess is his price got boosted by the World Cup player bubble, then went back to normal, and has risen today because he's gone on loan to Hamburg (even though that makes no sense as they are in the second division and he now no longer even has a chance of Europa League dividends - FI is a bit like that these days).

    Edit: Also maybe he scored at the Asian Games or something? I haven't checked.

  • @NewUser104447 my guess is people don't know he's gone to Hamburg and are buying after the announcement for Salzburgs Europa league group. Bit annoyed about this as I have some futures in him so can't see him rising much anytime soon unless he scores loads for Hamburg.

    He was being linked to Dortmund, Liverpool and spurs before the world cup!!

  • If memory serves me right he scored a hat-trick in the asian games midweek.
    It is SK U23 vs Japan U23's final today.

    As a Spurs fan, I will be watching with interest as Son can avoid military service along with the rest of the squad if they win today.
    Each team is allowed 3 overage players and usually you have to serve military service before 28 years old.

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