General Platform Improvements

  • Hi all,
    With the penny stocks finally being completed I think it's time for FI to keep the rules constant for a fair while and focus solely on improving the trading platform. I would be very interested to see everyone's ideas on this and hopefullyFI will read them!
    I'll start the ball rolling with a couple of my own.
    Firstly, Price Alerts - A trader would be able to input a price above or below the market price which, if triggered, would send an alert in the form of a notification on your phone. The trader would be able to set how long they want the alert to stay in place for (a day, a week, till cancelled).
    Secondly, better charts - I would like the charts to be a lot more detailed. For example, on the 24hr chart the x-axis should be time rather than date. You should also be able to hover over any point on the line and a box comes up with x and y coordinates. I think candlestick charts should be introduced with 1min, 1hr and 1day candles.
    Thoughts and ideas???

  • What they need is an auto-sell Trigger.

    For example I hold Kane, if his price goes up to £5.50 (maybe because of people over-reacting to a hat trick) then I would like my future to be IS automatically. The lack of this feature looks a bit amateurish compared to say Betfair.

  • Price alerts & improved charts make sense ... & one a side note, do we know how penny stocks are likely to work yet?

  • @pwp23 said in General Platform Improvements:

    Price alerts & improved charts make sense ... & one a side note, do we know how penny stocks are likely to work yet?

    Yes - it has been announced.

    Every player in the 5 leagues will be available to buy. Drip fed (50 a day) into the index. Starting price will be set by FI. Top 200 locked in at midnight and only they can win media but anyone can win PB.

  • I'm thinking ... Player info available within the portfolio, a tracker that tracks the Footie, a link to full opta stats, paypal payments, player hi-light reels would be pretty amazing

  • goalkeepers definitely need their own section once penny stocks come in!

  • It seems pb was great at first, defenders got a new lease of life, then penny stocks will come along and destroy defenders.saying that, remember a defeat gets -30 points so are penny stocks really going to stop the top regular winning clubs defenders winning pb anyway?

  • my thoughts are all the money paid for talent spotters by the clubs and examples such as someone like Pep Guardiola wanting and paying the money for a defender of john stone's calibre in his team, I still think the cream will utimately rise to the top. I think whoever's in the top 200 more so the top 50 will win 80% of the PB. We'll see some plucky performances regularly from underdog "on fire" players and some surprise packages for whoever's lucky enough or smart enough to spot these bargains but on the whole because it's based on opta, the best will remain the best and produce the best PB scores. That's my opinion anyway, be interesting to see how things pan out

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