Demari Gray

  • is he a good player to invest in? Also does anyone have any tips im kind of new and ive only got £10. Cheers

  • This season will be a big year, Mahrez out the way at Leicester and potential England call up. Next summer there's a big move on the cards. For a tenner though, I'd suggest 1 of the following:
    1 share in a definite MB scorer, either Pogba or Ronaldo.
    Second guess Friday/Monday PB scorers as they cpuld win dividends and prices cpuld go up in the 48 hours leading up to the match.
    Invest in a low value relative unknown, check the Cheap Players or Hidden Gems threads on the forum. I'd recommend Gil Dias as I see him multiplying over the coming months from 67p.

  • With a tenner, buy a few shares in some first team players at Champions League or Europa League clubs.

    Particularly focus on those from the Top 5 leagues (Eng, Fr, Ger, Italy, Spain)

    Consider Marseille, Monaco, Napoli etc,

  • I’m on the middle of a personal little challenge trying to trade £10 into £100 this year, which may be of interest if you’re looking for ideas. Currently at £47.

  • @Lukeroro Why Gil Dias...i can't see too many reasons?

  • @Matt-FI as a relative unknown in the championship, young, flair player and at a team who could be knocking on the promotion door, I see his value just rising and rising. Similar to Grealish last year, the only other variable for Grealish was he was coming back from a big injury at around 86p. He's now more expensive than Luis Suarez!! And Villa didn't even get promoted.
    I watched Nottingham Forest - Newcastle and Dias looked great against a team the albeit were shambolic, still a Prem team. And he seems to have an end product which potential wise, could set him apart from the rest.

    For a tenner, you can get around 15 shares and potentially quadruple it this year.

  • I got on Gray in preseason - as a Liverpool fan I think he’s be a good addition to our squad as cover for Mane and Salah. Young, English and Rapid are three ingredients that could make him attractive to bigger teams. Potential breakthrough season. He’s already gone up 33% for me but just bought more seeing as he’s starting as out and out CF in today’s live game... now watch him bomb!!!!!!

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