bertrand traore people’s thoughts

  • I invested in him a bit ago but after lyons signing last night he has dropped in the ted i nearl panic sold but decided to hold whats peoples thoughts on this im still pritty new to this

  • If you can afford to keep him I would hold he is a brilliant little player and will get some attention from other clubs at some point.

    Lyon have champions league footy so that will help maintain his price, if you want to sell just sell to the market dont IS him.

    Some people dumped him becuase Lyon had 3 games on a Friday and this increases his PB chance now they have all been played this could be the reason his price is down also.

  • @NewUser156918 he's had one poorly scoring game. I appreciate you are new to this but if everyone panic sells every time each of their players has one bad game you are soon going to throw away your investment.

    Last Friday he won the divs. If he wins them again next Friday, everyone will buy back again. As I've said before, everyone just chill. You have 3 years to let your players simmer if you need. You don't have to make a million in a day to be successful on here.

  • @NewUser156918 sold Mariano Diaz a few weeks ago as his PB stats were shit. He was at £1.30 or something. Just signed for Real Madrid as their only attacking signing this summer. Don't even want to look at his current value!

    A lack of a good PB score isn't a positive. But it's not a negative. A long term injury or being dropped for sleeping with the manager's daughter is a negative. Remember why you nought shares in that specific player.

  • Only one match and the week before Traore won PB!

    Holding players for PB is a long game even Messi only wins 10 times a season or every 5 games

    Traore's price suggests the market think he will win PB 3 or 4 times this season

    Chill don't panic...

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