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  • so ive been trading for around 2 weeks now and invested £240 which is now worth £265.. ive bought a few steady risers but got some younger players that have dropped in value.... how do other people play? do you cut your losses and sell or stick it out with them hoping to make it back?

  • Patience is the key to success

  • @NewUser35725 if you cut your losses and sell, then buy more players with that reduced money who then drop as well, are you going to cut your losses and sell those as well?

    Not having a dig at you here, as I understand it is a bit scary when you put a decent amount of cash in and you are in the red early doors.

    However, i can't repeat enough, people need to stop shitting themselves when their players fall a few pence. The market will fluctuate on an hourly basis. Think about why you bought the player in the first place. You must have thought he was worth buying or you wouldn't have bought him. If a player has one bad game then he's always likely to fall in price but if he then has a good game the week after then he's always likely to rise again and you'll be back in the green.

    I'm not suggesting you should keep all players at all costs. Ive held players for far too long myself and regretted it but have confidence in your football knowledge, have some patience and remember that you are only losing money if you sell a player you have in the red. In 12 months time he could be worth ten times what he's worth now but it won't happen overnight. This isn't like accumulator betting where £5 turns into £300 in an afternoon. You have to take your time and rewards are far more worth it.

  • @Stevo

    Well said.

    OP - if you bought a young player, surely you didn’t think that they’d become established in a few days? You’ve bought for the long term so need to back yourself for the long term.

  • didn't think they would become established in a few days but been a newbie I don't know how quickly players rise and fall... just wanted a view on how long people stick with players before selling to reinvest... thanks for the replies @Stevo

  • Just be patient. I predict most players on the index will all increase in price over the next 12 months. Suppose it just depends on how much you're hoping to make and in what time frame really.

  • A good example is Otamendi of city, over £3 a month ago as he was a brilliant PB defender last year, now dropping all the time becuase he hasn’t started a game, 3 games in!, its a long season, he will be back over £3 at some point.

  • @NewUser35725 I have younger players and likewise my portfolio isn't going anywhere. Just stick it out. People are buying the already star players right now for CL and League games. When they have finished inflating their prices they will then add in money to the younger players. Another month and onwards and things should start to rise healthily.

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