GKs - PB

  • Saw Walter Benitez won PB yesterday and Alison top GK/ Def for today. Have I missed something? No saved penalties as far as I can see and Alison has done very little, even Robertson has an assist but is scoring lower.

    Always thought GKs were useless on FI but maybe that's about to change...

  • @metropolis

    It’s the first game of the day. Over twenty more matches to be played. A GK will not win today.

  • @metropolis I watched the game last night and Benitez made a lot of saves, a lot of them very straight forward but they all add up. Plus the 40pts clean sheet and 18pts win. Wouldn't bank on him winning again though.

    Regarding Alisson, I actually broke my no GK rule today when he made the mistake, the media seem to be taking a real interest in him! Hopefully he'll pick up the MB today and be under the spotlight for a while.

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