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  • Hi - I have just started as of 3 weeks ago, with a few premiership players who I thought would do well. I am learning from a my mistakes eg Wiltshire, Jota, Mahrez, Kenedy, Jahanbakhsh, who are all deeply in the red. Fortunately I have a few Hazards so overall I am just positive! What I am struggling with is understanding why some players are not doing well. Eg Firminio - who is in an unbeaten Liverpool team, scored two assists and is first on Klopps team sheet. I saw that he scored today and looked at my account hopefully only to find that he has decreased I missing something?

  • @NewUser164561

    He may have decreased short term when people realised he wasn't going to win PB for today? Unfortunately people are sometimes very reactive on match days and only see short term opportunities.

    I would echo the advice given to newbies on here that patience is what you need and try to stick with players rather than buy and sell constantly. 9 times out of 10 it pays off in the end.

    You've made a good choice in Firmino so don't worry. The others you mention will likely pick up, just a matter of time.

  • @NewUser164561 it will be based on people assuming he will get xx pb scores and then he has not met this expectation even with a gwg and so people are moving on to their next choice. The market is very fickle at times

  • I can relate I bought firmino at £4.01 just a little annoyed with myself I didn't sell at like £4.60 and buy back today. One thing I am pretty sure of is that firmino will defiantly hit £5 soon. Especially as Keita and mane did so early in season. Watching the game today I just feel firmino isn't 100% yet.

  • Hi, similar question from another newbie. Invested in Nainggolan about a month ago and have seen a nice steady rise since, despite him being out for the start of the season. On his comeback last night he started and scored yet his price has plummeted? What have I missed? Is it related to brozovic getting a better rating? I can't work it out.....

  • @NewUser157668

    If he scored but still didn’t register a big PB point haul, it may be people thinking he’s not going to deliver dividends even on his best days...

  • My two pence

    The three weeks prior to the season starring saw unprecedented levels of investment into all players, especially off the back of the deposit bonus.

    If the players don’t return dividends, some traders will start to sell off, taking the profits, and reinvest in other players who have started well.

    There will probably be some volatility over the first few weeks as people set up their portfolio for the season.

    Be patient, don’t instant sell, and be comfortable with holding players in the red. They will rise again, and in the meantime can still return divs for you.

  • Inmo he is overpriced like a lot of liverpool players.Because of klops philosophy of play they are unlikely to win PB plus everyone knows how they play.Milner has scored good PB along with young trent arnold.Firmino does a lot of work without the ball.

  • Firmino is cheap... I'd call Sanchez overpriced.

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