• I must admit I have a vested interest but surely in the long term Carrasco is a player who will surely slowly rise. Given the jump we saw in Witsel with a move back to Europe the same will happen once Carrasco gets bored of Sunday league football? I accept there is no chance of pb anytime soon but I can't see much risk in it either.

  • @NewUser731 wow, 75p!

  • Totally get it! Anderson Talisca is another one... fair enough he’s slightly more expensive but when he was linked to one of the other big European clubs he was in the 2.40 price range, think When him and Talisca move again they’ll sky rocket... think you’ve found a hidden gem price wise mate 👌🏻

  • He's got age and a more attacking nature on his side over Witsel who is currently trading at 1.65. I know I'll have to sit tight on him for a while but the slow increase certainly takes the stress out of the major fluctuations in other players

  • But his going to be dead money for a good few months I’ve been watching but there are players of the same price that play week in week out in PB leagues but if you are prepared for a long wait then his a good buy

  • @NewUser731 I agree.

  • Good news on the Carrasco front...

  • Having a look at some of the wingers in the top 200, he could potentially go near to Lemar, Coman, Lozano at around £2.50 'if' he moves.

    By the time we get to the summer then it could be higher still if the index keeps growing.

    A chance to possibly treble my money, I'm willing to put some money in and to hold onto it.

  • Big increase in Carrasco. About time!!

  • Think cedric bakambu would be decent if he returns to Europe.

    Also Ayoub El Kaabi has an insane scoring record. Has said he wants to come to Europe at some point but not sure if it will ever happen. Can't really go wrong at 33p though.

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