Griezmann - Hold or Sell??

  • Hey Guys

    Let's hear your opinions on this one....

    If any of you are holding Griezmann for a specific reason then please can you let me know because i am seriously considering selling him !!

    The main reasons i want to sell him is because he is not getting anywhere near PB wins due to not scoring goals, also Atletico Madrid have not had the greatest starts to the season which does not help his cause....and finally the next few days is MB only dividends and i can't see him being mentioned much to appear in the top 3 !!!



  • @AndyP32 If you are only thinking about the next few days/ week, then maybe selling is best for you. Personally, I'm holding long term as he will be valuable when the champions league comes round and as the season progresses. Also, I'm thinking he may move on next summer. That's a distant possibility I know but I don't see him staying at Atletico forever.

    He will win some PB this season as well. Way too soon in the season to consider selling for me but depends on your strategy. Plus, the platform is growing so his value will inevitably rise, albeit little by little.

    Ultimately, it depends on your strategy, but good luck whichever way you decide.

  • I would hold as i think he is suffering a loss of form due to the world cup.I am pretty sure he had a slow start last season also.He is one of the best players in the world and will return to the form he has been in the past.

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