England Players for MB?

  • Kane, Gomez and Sterling?
    Captain and probable goalscorer.
    Youngster who Southgate loves and major interest in due to first team place at Liverpool.
    Media obssessed!

    Best bets?

  • @Lukeroro I agree with Sterling but more likely to be other european players like Pogba because of him missing the penalty and also wanting to leave in Jan for Barcelona/Juventus !!, also another contender is Neymar because of him mentioning he would rather move to Chelsea or Arsneal because he likes London (a hint or just something he should not have said on live TV !!)

  • @AndyP32 Pogba does just breed MBs!

  • @Lukeroro Apart from today - I thought he'd be a banker after saying he wanted to move back to Juve and then missing a penalty!!

  • If you are referring to MB over the international break I think Pogba, Ronaldo and Allison will have the most over the next 2 weeks

  • Probably, but I'm not touching Ronaldo any more, have a few the Pogba and not touching Allisson.

    I think England players will spike and just considering if there is anyone I've missed.

  • Are England even playing this week? I was gonna stock up on a few of their players but cant see any england games on the schedule for this week. If theyre not playing then id prob stick with pogba and the other big boys, maybe even Alison.

  • @JoJo Spain on saturday mate

  • @JoJo can't see Allisson continuing to rise that far over £3

  • Neither can I that will be a 1 off that mistake he made.

  • MB rules over PB for me. PB is a bit of a lottery with 2500+ players in system, with only top 200 eligible for MB. Odds far greater to claim MB with so many treble days and too much competition on PB days. I can see Alisson at £4 by Christmas, and Pogba at £12.

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