• Hold a small position in this player and that was on the drift, since then the trend has carried on.

    City and the manager have made an investment in this guy and positive hes currently just finding his feet.

    Im giving thought to creating a serious position relative to my portfolio and just wondered how everyone else views his current price?

  • @Runningman
    I like Mahrez at his present price. I think long term he will rise to over £4, which would reflect his value in comparison to teammates. (Sane, De Bruyne, Jesus, Sterling, Aguero all well over £4.)
    He will definitely get game time, as no way anyone (even City) will spend £60m and leave him on bench week in, week out.
    Also if he recaptures anything like his form of a couple of seasons ago, he’ll win plenty of PB.
    If it does go wrong at City (which I doubt) he will get quite a bit of MB, in the same way Pogba has in his faltering United career.
    Everything is a risk, but a three year bet on Mahrez at under £3 seems like real value to me.

  • I was thinking the same.

    Every investment has an upside and downside and my personal opinion is the upside potential is massive with downside being a minor decrease percentage and a load of buzz.

    The manager obviously has a long term plan for him, just seems strange that the market reacts massivly to short term results and situations

  • No doubt that Pep really rates this guy as he chased him over a couple of transfer windows & paid £60m to finally secure him. It may take some time working with him until he gets what he wants out of him but the underlying talent is there & @275 currently there is definitely upside potential (I hold some for that reason).

    My concern is that like all city players unless you are THE outstanding one in your position (Edinson, KDB, Aguero) you will be rotated regularly & I'm not sure this helps Mahrez playing style as he seems to perform best with a consistent run week in week out & it certainly will restrict PB opportunities.

    Overall I like him & think he offers value but I wouldn't be betting the farm as he still needs to prove City is the right club to get the best out of him & those opportunities will be limited compared to elsewhere IMO.

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