Diogo Dalot very impressive display for u23

  • This lad is going to be very special, apparently nobody was discussing the game they won against Stoke, all the talk was about Manchester United finally finding a right back(full back) that can cross a ball, pin point crosses continually through the game, Lukaku will be in love with him 😁💪🏻

  • I saw the highlights, looked strong and quick with some skill.

    He reminded me of Ivanovic a bit.

    Still only 19 though so will need time.

  • @NewUser60527 not sure he needs time, Jose was watching for a reason, I love Valencia but his crossing is pretty damn terrible and he's not getting any younger 😁 i think personally that this is Jose's way of getting Dalot on the pitch and using it to make Pogba captain and stop his bitching 🤔

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