Benjamin Mendy

  • At 24, a World Cup winner, playing for MC with 5 assists in 4 games. Essentially playing as a winger with a chance of clean sheets. He has a real chance of winning the PL and Champions League this year. Add in the media attention.

    Surely this guy is FI Gold, he has a real chance of getting to a similar value as Ronaldo and Pogba....?????

  • If that’s how you feel, sell everything you own and buy more futures in him.

  • @NewUser171341 when you look on ramos (he scored penalty on Saturday and went up 1.30£ so what's happen if he will score again? ) he went up over 2£ in 7days, crossed 5£ for defender!!
    Is possible that Mendy will be better, sure he will be 5£+ at the end of the season!!

  • I agree, just think there's potential there.

  • Benjamin Mendy life-time PB returns 0p I can't find any record of him ever winning a MB either although somewhere in the back of my mind I think he was 3rd when he transferred summer 17?
    Ramos PB returns in the last 2 weeks 30p

    Medny life-time goals inc. every level of youth internationals 5
    Ramos 72 goals + currently taking penalties for Real Madrid

    Please define FI gold?

    I really don't understand why someone would pay so much for Mendy? Of course if he becomes a MB magnet then fine but considering the superstar players of City rarely win MB can't see it happening??

  • His PB baseline has been very high so far this season.

    But in order to pay £3.50-£4.00 for a player, I would want to see a track record of some PB and / or MB wins, which Mendy doesn't have.

    Is he going to score more frequently than say Stones or Laporte?

  • He can rack up crosses which rockets opta points. Unless they convert him to an attacker in a similar way to the way Bale converted then he'd rocket up there.

  • Nearing a comeback, pep seems to be saying it might have been this weekend, but his nightclub antics might have harmed that.
    Just over a quid, been as high as 130s.

    Got to be 30% in him.

    5 assists in 9 this season before injury.

    (And I have him in Advinculas World Cup, which is the best reason to buy)

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