• Hailed as aPB machine on twitter last year, his price has dropped, worth buying or is he really not all that?

  • No such thing as a PB machine anymore.

    There’s so many players eligible on a triple match day, it’s become a bit of a lottery. Even scores of 200+ are regularly not enough to win PB now.

  • He does have a good game for PB. Would expect him to pick some up when Napoli start clicking , so I would prob buy yes

  • It´s hard to predict PB nowadays but Insigne is a good player so who knows. If you want to buy some stocks of him it´s a perfect time because he hasn´t performed so well the last 2 games wich have led to a drop of 3.6% in 24/7 hours and 4.51% in seven days.

  • Insigne is a player that tends to fluctuate. Once he hits form he'll get climbing again. At 27 he's one likely to be linked with moves away from Napoli next season I reckon as well.

  • He still has good underlying stats this season. So points should come with some patience

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