Monday 3rd Sept - IPO Review - Nurnberg

  • Once again working with scraps of data and a season preview let's have a look at Nurnberg.

    Initially I didn't think 1.FCN, as they like to be called, would offer anything at all BUT there's 3 standout players for me IPO'ing today.

    In defence they've got Georg Margreitter who has averaged a mind blowing 91 passes over the 1st 2 games with a respectable success rate, add to that his 4 goals last season and he starts to look like FI Gold. Nurnberg appear to be a team who like to get on the ball rather than sit back too. Georg's career goals of 16 in ~200 games certainly stacks up so he's a holder for me today @ 60p.

    Secondly their top goal scorer last year was their Midfield Captain, Hanno Behrens, 14 goals last year including 1 penalty which is always a good sign. Their manager thinks this guy is amazing, their go to man, so looks like their best option from an attacking point of view and here's the best bit - he's only 50p!!!

    Finally we have today's possible rocket in Timothy Tillman - Bayern-Owned and apparently razor sharp in front of goal for a winger. Reports suggest that Real and Barca have been sniffing around but his heart is in Munich. Only 19 and already PB eligible with Nurnberg for whom he's made the bench early doors. He IPO's at 70p and I fully expect him to smash through the £1 barrier and if he doesn't he should rise gradually throughout the day once people cotton on to his potential.

    Good luck

  • You can probably add Left-Back Tim Leibold to the Goalscoring defenders too, 14 goals in ~160 games although doesn't get involved as much as Margreitter - but at the same time he's a full-back so far more likely to be swinging those valuable crosses in. Plus he's 5 years younger at 24. 70p IPO so reasonable enough.

  • Good work as ever

  • @Agatello when do these players come on the market because i can't find them :((

  • @Agatello said in Monday 3rd Sept - IPO Review - Nurnberg:

    certainly stacks up so he's a holder for me today @ 60p.

    the one's I've mentioned above are due any time now before 2pm... one after 3pm.

  • @Agatello lukas muhl i was waiting for, he's come in at 80p, currently 85p

  • @Mwerdna Check the Blog on the website. All the times are on that.

  • @Big-Ian cheers, was Muhl, i was waiting for and got him at 80p

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