Player sorting during IPO launch?

  • Hi All,

    Can anyone shed any light on the best page to be on (I'm guessing 1st Team) and which sort you need to use to see the players when they first hit the market? (I'm guessing Lowest price OR £ Increase)


  • @NewUser87224 it's impossible to get in early, I just witnessed Forsberg and Xhaka being bought and then sold again before I could even hit the buy button , and when I got it they're prices where up at 90p - £1 range

  • The single biggest frustration with FI for me - I dont know a way around it but then again if I did I would be way richer than I am

  • To be honest, I wouldn't worry about it.

    1500 players will be sold in a month and they aren't going to be at set times. Its not going to be like the Friday promotions - OK maybe the first batch might rocket up but after that, not so. Its impossible to know how much they are going to settle at, you can easily get burnt here.

    I'm going to keep away and see what the prices are like down the road. If the first day's lot do make it to the £1 mark then they will almost certainly crash when future days come out. We aren't going to see 3000 £1 players o the index.

  • I wonder if there's going to be liquidity on the 100s of junk players??

  • @NewUser56882 said in Player sorting during IPO launch?:

    I wonder if there's going to be liquidity on the 100s of junk players??

    What do you mean by junk ?

    Really, you'd expect (depending on their pricing system) some players will be available for a few pence which could be a lot less than the dividend available.

    Should there be one game in the day - with two bottom of the league French teams playing then you'd see a lot of trading for these players. Outside of "matches targeted as PB winnable", there probably wouldn't be much liquidity on say Udinese's backup left back though.

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