IPO Lukas Muhl

  • Any thoughts??

  • Hard to tell with limited Data to be fair, from what I can see he does have a goal threat although less than Leibold and Margreitter. @Noirx4 emailed out their estimated base scores from the past 2 games with Muhl and Margreitter posting the biggest scores.

    On the flipside he's 21 compared to 24 and 29 so more chance of landing a big move if he performs well this season perhaps and if he bags a GWG you could well get lucky on the PB front too.

  • @Agatello yeah it was the age that made my mind up in the end, 29 in a small German team, he ain't going anywhere, but 1 big season for Muhl and maybe a move to a bigger club could be on the cards, obviously speculating, haha

  • @Mwerdna that's the name of the game mate, well technically that's not true but you know what I mean. :-)

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