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  • Mancini has announced a 31 man squad for the Italy squad whilst bemoaning the lack of players to choose from. These are the players called up for potentially a first cap, some are very cheap. Does anybody know much about them?

    GK - Allesio Cragno - Cagliari - £0.41
    DEF - Cristiano Biraghi - Fiorentina - £1.07
    MID - Manuel Lazzari - SPAL - £0.51
    DEF - Emerson Palmieri - Chelsea - £1.20
    MID - Marco Benassi - Fiorentina - £0.99
    MID - Nicolo Barello - Cagliari - £1.58

    Nicolo Zaniolo is the other one and I can't currently find him on the Index. He was part of the swap move for Nainggollan and Santon unless he is listed as something else.

    Obviously Barello and Emerson are relatively well known. Some of the others not so much. Is anybody holding them? Think they will get any game time?

  • @NewUser52574 I hold Barello but don't know much other than he is a high PB scorer.

  • Chelsea brought Emerson from Roma in January, left back.
    He hasn’t played much as he had an injury but I believe he is fit.
    He will eventually get game time, a lot of footy coming up.

    I brought him before the season when i was looking at a chelsea forum, the fans seem to rate him highly and wanted him to Start ahead of Alonso as he suits Sarri formation as soon as he starts playing and gets on match of the day/sky then fans will notice him and hopefully buy some shares!

  • I hold

    Biraghi - good PB scores so far, lots of crosses

    Benassi - scored 3 in first 2 games

    Barella - class player always rumours of a big transfer, scored and good PB last game

  • Benassi is super cheap - scored really well on PB so far!

  • Don't wanna rain on anyone's parade here but I held hundreds of Benassi last year around the 40-50p mark. His PB scores were so bad I just had to bite the bullet and sell up. I calculated that even with a GWG etc he simply wouldn't be winning any dividends and he's proven that already this season. I might be wrong but I won't be boarding that coal truck again :-)

    BarellA is a different proposition mind you, he is very capable of bigger scores and I think it's only a matter of time before he moves on from Cagliari. Looks like he's got a bit of fiery temperament but when has that held anyone back :-)

  • @Agatello

    Last year Benassi won 8p of PB and Barella won no PB

    FI-Edge's PB simulation has them on 1p and 3p of PB respectively

    They are both good players but IMO neither are worth considering as PB holds

    Instead both are worth considering as transfer spec holds

    And in that context Benassi at 98p is IMO a more attractive proposition that Barella at £1.61 because the former has bigger potential upside

  • Good points - Barella has been constantly linked with a move to Liverpool though so that must add a few quid to his price

  • I think 'on Klopp's wishlist' is the tabloid gossip cliche of choice

  • @Dave-C he didn't win that when I bloody held him that's for sure :-) did he win that with a GWG and the other 4 games being 0-0? :-)

    I know you don't hold but if he wins one before the next trader meeting the Peroni's are on me ;-)

    I don't think I've used Edge's simulator yet, need to stop slacking and have a butchers at that.

  • @Agatello

    Ha! Happy to bet a beer although I don't go to the trader meets...

    If you got Benassi at 40-50p I'm guessing you made a profit even though he didn't win PB while you held him?

    As the forum's resident IPO expert you will be aware that players' prices go up for all sorts of reasons and actually winning PB over the course of a season or even a 3yr hold is only of them ;-)

  • @Dave-C Ha yeah don't I know it, it's the cap app due to them winning the divs that makes the money rather the divs themselves and even then it's nothing in comparison to transfer hype or superstar performances these days.

    Nah didn't make anything on the ferret mate, in fact just checking his graph I think I was responsible for his 36 to 47p spike in Feb and his 46 to 36 fall in April too... held him in smaller numbers prior to Feb from memory. Impatience costing money yet again :-(

  • @Agatello I held Benassi at around 35p and sold at around 50p. I looked at Barella a week ago and bought about 400 of him and he has very high PB scores for his age. Good tip for other people.

  • @Agatello

    I also have a long list of players bought and sold cheap who then took off

    Best example buying 100 Valon Berisha at 30p when I started on FI getting bored selling at 31p had to eat some humble pie before buying back in at 70p :-)

    Also bought and then sold Leon Bailey under a pound. Could go on plenty more...

  • @Agatello

    Thought I'd mention that I got on Barella after the above chat him and Banessi two of my favourite holds now :-)

  • @Dave-C
    Nice one. Proof of some good calls on the forum !

  • Yep, had a great feeling on Barella but never got around to buying him!! AAAARRRGGGGHH.... still not a fan of Benassi anymore though :-)

  • Out of those listed, I think Lazzari looks a really good option, especially at his price. Now an Italy international, is a good age and has been posting good PB scores for his price. He's mainly been playing as a right back or right wing back so if he ever gets reclassified to a defender then I think he'd be golden.

  • @Dave-C I bought Barella at £1.46 and still hold.

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