Mane vs Alisson

  • I'm sure by the time i've posted this it will change but Mane and Alisson are tied on 640, with Mane ranked in 3rd and Alisson 4th. Mane's stories are from earlier in the day but Alissons are later. The rules on the site state

    " In the event of a tie, the footballer with the latest story unique to that footballer (out of the footballers who are tied) will be ranked higher"

    Am I missing something and Alisson should be 3rd?

  • I think it goes to the player who is youngest, so Allison as he's younger than Mane.

  • @NewUser148487 You are right, but for some reason it shows incorrectly on the MB table. Happens every time, but they usually pay out the dividends correctly - as in this case where Alisson was credited with 3rd place. "Youngest wins" is the rule for PB ties.

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