Luka Modric .. why no Media Buzz

  • I see Modric has his name in many UK newspapers this morning, so I'm confused to why his name isn't even on the Media Buzz page 🤔🙄

  • I always see stuff like this Virgil van dijk should have 40 points with the story including firmino but he hasn't

  • @NewUser165934 it's very annoying because Modric should be dominating the Media Buzz after yesterday's announcement of knocking Messi off his perch, hopefully the points for him and your futures will start rolling in shortly, I sent a msg asking FI on messenger

  • Was Modric in the top 200 at the time of the articles? if not he won't generate media buzz.

  • That's right, I'm sure I saw him at the top of the squad yesterday which explains why he didn't get anything yesterday. Amazing how the probable Ballon d'Or winner doesn't make it into the top 200 players on the Index but that's a great example of how real-life doesn't always match up to the magical world of FI :-)

  • @Agatello obviosly you are mistaken mate, because he has 20 points on Media now and he wouldn't be on the scoring unless he was in top 200, he was over £2 yesterday and the bottom of squad was 190ish, I guess i missed all the media that Messi and Ronaldo got yesterday evening because Modric was in squad in the early morning or day b4 :((

  • @Agatello unless you are referring to no MB yesterday mate, which i was aware of, just took a long time to get those points for today's article which worried me ;)

  • Yes mate, was referring to yesterday that's all. Haven't checked him Media today as I sadly no longer hold him :-)

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