Paqueta to PSG??

  • Can anyone confirm if the rumours are true?!

  • @Jay-Frazz I was wondering why his price increased, and put it down to the the video of him running around like a mad man. As for PSG rumours to be pedantic by definition rumours can't be confirmed true, as otherwise they aren't rumours.

  • @NewUser148487 - Well that's a very valid point!

    Reading up on it, I think he looks set to sail away from the warm Brazilian shores, across to Europe in January - so everyone just trying to get in at a good price.

    He seems to have pulled back nicely now to buy in.

    His stats this season are pretty impressive - 6 goals from midfield so far - and I heard a Podcast a while ago with a knowledgeable South American person mention his allround midfield ability to be stand-out amongst his peers.

    I guess we wait and see where he lands!!

  • Picked for Brazil squad for first time this Int Break could get a nice boost if he makes his debut

  • @Jay-Frazz The same South American journalist who predicted Rafael Scheidt to be the opposite of his name?

    That said he's just turned 21 so probably a better bet to be a hit than some of the Brazilian wonderkids who are 17/18.

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