Monthly % returns log?

  • Hi all,

    Wondered if anyone wants to play.

    Start of each month enter your latest portfolio value as a 100 and % variance since last month - to avoid disclosing too much. So if you have £25 enter "250", if you have £10,750 enter "107.5", if you have £1,760 enter "176".

    We can then have a fun look at how everyone is doing, and also get a feel for what sort of average returns people are getting, and potentially a view on different strategies.

    Obviously if you add funds in a month then disclose that as well. For example £10k and add £1k - I'd say "100 added 1" - we can then take that out in the % return calc for that month.

    Suggest we log entries on days 1-7 at the start of each month.

    So I'll start - lets see where I am in October

    Jim - 227

  • Here is my update. If anyone else wants to add to the log just do so by reply - to help people avoid disclosing their actual portfolio value just enter it as a three digit number as described above;

    Jim Sept = 227
    Jim Oct = 233 (+2.6%)

  • Sept 210
    Today 242

  • The Horse Sept=550
    The Horse Oct = 718 (+39.6%)

  • @DrDog said in Monthly % returns log?:

    Jim Sept = 227
    Jim Oct = 233 (+2.6%)

    Jim Nov = 231

    Not great - still up 10% since I started in Aug, but my initial excitement is waning :)

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