Dividend chasing

  • Dividend Investors vs Dividend Chasers
    There has recently been a growing trend of players prices spiking after a solid PB performance or a PB win. I would categorise these traders as dividend chasers, they want to earn dividends but are not quite sure which players to go for. Dividend investors have thoroughly researched the market and purchased players they will hold for 3 months or more knowing they will earn dividends throughout the year but not necessarily next week or every week.

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    Why does this matter?

    Buying a player after they have won dividends is quite possibly the worst time to buy a PB player. Firstly, their price will be inflated based on the dividend chasers buying them that day (possibly mid match). Secondly you are left vulnerable to the in-day flippers who will look to flip a player after a good performance. Finally, and most importantly the odds are they will not win dividends again next week. Of the 342 wins between 1st Jan and 31st May there were only 12 players and 13 incidents of a player winning dividends back to back. (James Rodriguez managed to do it 3 games in a row). So that’s not a whole lot of dividends if you are buying players week to week.

    So what do dividend investors do?

    Dividend investors look at the historical form of players and upcoming fixtures. They plan a dividend approach over a long horizon looking to secure players who will most likely win dividends within the next 3 months. They have a broad portfolio to ensure they are winning some dividends most weeks. Data is absolutely key to this approach and understanding how players perform. The very best PB dividend earners on average won PB once a month this means patience is absolutely key.
    Using the dividend investor approach I have managed to win 8 of the first 39 PB dividend opportunities so far this year. Which is 20% of all PB dividends available. I hold 50 different PB players atm which means 16% of my portfolio has won dividends in the first 13 games.

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