Mateo Kovacic, cheap?

  • What's your opinion on him?

    His PB score in his last two games are 137, and 158. Both without a goal or assist.

    Surely he is the offensive alternative in that Chelsea midfield and Sarri is playing a more attacking minded football.

  • @KingZ
    I’m keeping an eye on him. I don’t have much cash available for him but if he keeps his performances up and can add a goal, might be worth it. European football and can be £4+ at Real Madrid when/if he returns compared to their other players depending how he does this year. Will be added to the watchlist

  • I didn't buy him as he doesn't have a good goalscoring record so he could hit 150 every week and never win PB! Open to see how he does at Chelsea though as could be a bargain as you say if he adds goals

  • When it comes to PB scoring i look at it very simply.... How Important is that player to his team??? Do they take set plays? Do they have a lot of the ball? Do they score goals?

    Chelsea have a couple of players, Alonso & Hazard maybe even Pedro who I would look to as their best PB assets... so when it comes to pro's and con's and weighing up the odds on the slim chances they may get 1 or 2 PB wins a season then I would probably not look at someone like Kovacic (although not saying he won't win it one week as anyone has proved they can)...

    Someone pooh poohed my comparison between Dybala and Stuani of Girona the other week... Whilst Dybala is near £6 I can't remember ever seeing him win a PB whilst Stuani is 0.80 and over the last year has won it 2/3 times... Dybala's importance is probably even less now at Juve as they look to play through Ronaldo whilst Stuani is Girona's most important man!!!

    Now i'm not saying go out and buy Stuani over Dybala as I understand one is 30+ and the other is a young future prospect... But if its PB players you want.. The rule for me would be which player in the team is most likely to win PB... For Girona it would always be Stuani... For Juve it could be any one of five or six and for Chelsea I would also pick a few over Kovacic,.

  • @dannypea

    Stuani has never won PB. What are you talking about? And despite him scoring against Villareal his PB score was terrible. Pedro too has very bad PB score despite him scoring in 3 out of 4 games this season. And he is competing against Hazard.

    I think Kovacic can win PB every time he scores, and he is not competing against either Alonso or Hazard. Playing with Sarris style he will hopefully be the more offensive one. And if he can score 5 times that would be incredible.

  • @KingZ fill your boots then!!!

    Personally I don't buy for PB as it's a complete lottery and I honestly can't even find the stats from the weekend that I hoped would back up my theory re Stuani (so maybe i am wrong) but I'm sure you'll make money from Kovacic by hook or crook... I'm just doubtful he'll be picking up regular PB wins because from what I remember at Real Madrid 3 goals in 110 games is not that clinical and i do believe goals go along way towards winning players daily PB's unless they are literally dictating things and he aint that good!!!

    I just feel there's better players in the same price bracket for picking up PB wins!!

  • Not to go too off-topic, but to clear up the above, Stuani looked set to win PB divs the other day but got a few points taken off after the final whistle which dropped him below Suso.

  • @dannypea

    Understand, but PB and MB-scores are in theory the players true value. Otherwise you are only investing in hype, which can be risky. Look at Ramos who skyrocketed because of his PB-scores.

    Hopefully he can be more offensive, but we will have to see :)

    @BL__FI He scored 126, and did not win PB any time last season despite scoring 21 goals.

  • @KingZ Yes mate wasn't disagreeing with you, Suso won with 128, Stuani got 126, closest he's got to winning dividends and not a great score. Was just clearing up the probable reason Danny thought Stuani had won PB recently.

  • @BL__FI Ah that's what I must have seen!!! Those Friday nights do offer good opportunities for cr*p players though and my point being the stars of Leganes, Celta, Girona etc have as much chance (if not better) to win a PB than someone at Chelsea.

    Re PB/MB = true value i'm not so sure FI has a true value?? And surely the whole point of the game is that we invest in hype? Maybe one reason why the price of Pogba is so high???

  • @dannypea

    Average PB score for winning is around 200 (Ok, 132 one single match days). But there are very few "crap"-players that have won PB more than once, would not say they have a higher chance.

    Pogba has such a high price because of his incredible MB-score. The market is, in the long run, driven by MB/PB-scores

  • there's also very few 'good' players that have won it more than once... I get PB/MB drives the market which is why I hold Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Mbappe, Salah etc but holding Kovacic on the basis that he 'could' average decent PB scores???? not for me!!!

    I need at least a plan B

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