• To be named in Chelsea's EL squad according to twitter - any Chelsea fans on here with advice on likelihood of him starting?

  • @NewUser162554 should've asked the Welsh.... boom

  • Watched him last night and was really impressed. Looks accomplished, confident, neat on the ball but then there's the age old theory that for the next five years he's going to have more clubs than Ian Woosnam as he's loaned from pillar to post as Chelsea play trumps with Italian Managers?

    So at 1.80+ where does he go???

    I actually watched his Chelsea debut (apparently) as he came on as sub during the League Cup tie against Forest last year but by then I had so many pints and we'd already been destroyed by Michy Batshuayi (remember him!!) so I didn't really take much notice of the second half before beating the traffic to head off!!!

    I do recommend the club in Soho we went to after though!!! ;-)

  • @dannypea yep, took the profit after last night but will continue to monitor. And sounds like an interesting night out...

  • It does make me laugh how reactive the index is at time, one good performance from a 17 year old who has no chance of breaking in to the Chelsea first team any time soon. I'm just gutted i didnt have any futures in him prior to last night as i would be cashing out straight away!

  • I started to draft out a big essay about why I believe Ampadu is class and my reasons for why I believe everyone should invest, but I decided to shorten it very simply to, two points;

    1. Anyone who watches football and understands the game can see that regardless of if it is at Chelsea or not, this guy is going to make it at the highest level.

    2. If you need any extra persuading, a mate of mine who introduced me to FI is already £500 in profit on Ampadu alone.

    He will continue to grow as he plays in EL and for Wales, probably end up on loan, but again will play.

    Of any youngster at Chelsea, I'd say this guy has the biggest chance of making it, which is ironic as Chelsea actually Signed him last year from Exeter.

    Looks like I've ended up composing an essay anyway, but as a long term investment, for me, this kid is a must!

  • Agree he’s going to be a super talent but for the short term where does his price go if think another poster asked? He was up to 1.86 about 2 hours ago but naturally this move from 1.60-1.86 was after the hype of last night. (Great performance btw) but when things settle down and we get back to league action next week, he will be in the stand and it will remain like that until Jan if they even let him go out on loan. They loaned 40 players in the summer and he could have been one but wasn’t. So my fear is, they keep him and give him a few pointless minutes here and there but that won’t help his share price. Interesting one.

  • @NewUser50555 Whats this someone with some sense! I like you have my money on him in a year, being like Ben Woodman, sitting on the bench in the Championship

  • I agree with all the for and against arguments, my feeling is that it’s worth a long term investment.

    I agree his price will likely drop off after this week for a while and that will be the time to invest.

    Understand the point made about Woodburn, but come on, he’s abit more special then that.

    I think the main point to take into consideration is that as FI gets bigger and bigger, everyone’s price will naturally increase anyway.

    Depends how patient people are willing to be

  • Many on Chelsea forums saying that he is the perfect replacement for Jorginho in EL. Jorg is clearly playing a lot of minutes - Unsure whether Sarri will play him on Thursday nights too....

    Although that being said, he can also play CB which is where he played under Sarri in pre-season. We have other CB's though that need minutes - Christensen and Cahill.

    Some people will argue that Fabregas will start in EL. Of course, that is possible. But Ampadu has legs and can actually defend!

    Lastly, I am a little bitter as I hold a lot of Mount and CHO. Ampadu went under the radar for me. However, I won't hesitate to buy him if the price is right...

  • Why wasn’t CHO with the England 21’s?

  • @Irene-goodnight he might well be a great replacement for Jorginho but this is Chelsea unfortunately. Someone else will come in there to fill that defensive midfield spot before they give Ampadu that kind of responsibility and week to week game time. Heck, even David Luiz is more likely to play defensive midfield.

    Managers have too much pressure on them for results. So basically cesc could drop deeper. Ruban Loftus cheek is ahead of Ampadu, as is Drinkwater and Barkley and Kovacic. Absolutely agree he is one for the future. Will hold until after the wales vs Denmark game and then cash in. Will go back to him once I know what’s happening with his game time.

  • @Lewis1449

    I meant a replacement for Jorginho in EL only. It depends what Sarri wants to achieve. If the PL is the main goal, which I expect it is, he will want to rest Jorginho.

    If he does well, it's a platform for future success. Who knows? He could continue to get minutes for Wales too.

    Drinkwater isn't in the EL squad so based on that, I cannot take your comments seriously. Barkley and RLC play same position and will compete with Kovacic. Fab is the only alternative (aside from a Luiz positional swap) but as I said, he doesn't havs the legs.

    Let's see what happens :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Irene-goodnight Yes totally get you and I didn’t realise we were talking about the EL only so in that case i apologise and he may get some minutes, but even so, I really don’t know if it will be enough minutes if you know what I mean. With Cesc maybe not getting the game time in the Prem he could take that spot.

    Also I get your point about the other players such as Barkley and Kov playing same position but I’m sure you watch enough football to know, and enough of Chelsea to know that these top clubs sometimes fill gaps with experience rather then promoting youth even when it’s staring them in the face. So the theory that just because he plays that position doesn’t always mean he gets the nod.

    Anyway I’m on your side in hoping he can get some minutes and then maybe a good loan move in Jan which really solidifies the hold.

  • @DCoops9cfc Not everyone's. Rashford and Alli have gone backwards. My teenage starlets and 20 year olds are moving nowhere either. I'm trying to resist the temptation to sell them and buy the already proven players, but won't because I think they are priced already too high.

  • @Lewis1449

    Thanks :)

    We have Kante and Jorg. Time is on Ampadu's side to learn from some of the best.

    I can see him starting for us at 20/21 years of age. Of course, he will be able to get minutes elsewhere prior to that so it depends whether he wants to stay or not. A contract extension would speak volumes.

  • Ampadu playing int CM today for Wales

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