Eric Dier

  • I am very new to this platform but absolutely love it.I was just wondering if I am missing something Eric Dier England international and Spurs regular is on for £0.83 (I have just brought 100) he is only 24 years old and is valued I believe by Spurs at £75million why so cheap ?

  • @NewUser172727 Hi, I recommend to all new traders that they read this: as well as the FI rules and Academy on the website and watch this:

    They should help answer your question, but to summarise: player prices are (mostly) driven by dividend returns (past and potentially in future). He's not the kind of player who scores too well on PB and he's not in the top 200 so can't win MB (and probably wouldn't get much media attention if he was). That's reflected in his low price compared to say Eriksen (to use an example of a Spurs midfielder who has won PB and is linked to other big clubs in transfer windows). Hope that helps!

  • Thank you I am glad of all the help and advice I can get , hope he scores a couple of goals Saurday and jumps into the top 200 !!

  • @NewUser172727
    He scored the winning penalty against Columbia in the shootout and still didn’t get anywhere near that high. He’s low because he doesn’t get close to PB scores and isn’t in top 200 for media. Potential for gains if he performs well in Europe with spurs. Similar price to Henderson a while back but he’s risen to never say never. But that’s why he’s priced so low currently

  • What I have discovered on FI is that people buy players for a number of reasons.... Are they the next big thing?? Are they in a hot run of form?? Are they constantly gaining media (MB) interest?? Are they consistently scoring high PB scores??

    Eric Dier unfortunately has none of the above hence the low price...


    That's not to say he's a bad buy!!!

    Low priced 'unexciting' players simply take a little longer in value to grow so as long as you stick by a player who as you rightly say is an England International, playing for a top club, and is young enough to be still improving in three years time when your share in him ends then I see no reason why he's not just as valuable as anybody else (he may go up £1, 50p, 25p it's all profit)!!!

    One murmur with a United move and he'll sky rocket to double his worth, one decent PB score and he'll earn you a decent Dividend in return and at worst... He might lose you a few pence... So as undervalued players go, he's definitely a safe low risk investment!!!

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