Izzy Brown

  • Just joined Leeds United. Currently 68p a share. Injured and has been for most of the past year but expected back October 1st where a few solid games would see him rise fairly well. Can't see him being so cheap for long. Arguably carried Huddersfield to promotion when they went up and if Leeds go up that share price will rocket to almost double I imagine.

    Get on that!

  • No PB or MB opportunity for, at the very least, the remainder of this season.

  • Yeah and can only see him improving under bielsa. No dividends is true, but should be low risk for growth if he stays injury free.

  • as a town fan I can safely say he did not 'carry' us to promotion. He was good yes but he played 15 games for us that season as he joined in Jan, less than 50% of the championship season.

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